Addiction Treatment Programs

There are various addiction treatment methods available. Depending on individual needs, some may experience multiple stages of treatment, while others might need only a few.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
While medications are used in the detox stage, they are also integral to ongoing Medication-Assisted Treatment. MAT combines medication with counseling and therapy in the recovery process.

MAT is often employed in treating opioid and alcohol addictions. These medications aid in managing cravings and stabilizing brain and body functions. Research indicates that MAT can enhance treatment retention, decrease opioid misuse, improve survival rates, and reduce criminal behavior. For opioid addiction, medications like methadone and buprenorphine are common, while disulfiram and acamprosate are used for alcohol addiction treatment.

Inpatient Rehabilitation
Inpatient rehabilitation is usually offered in hospitals or specialized clinics. This treatment involves round-the-clock supervision by medical professionals and includes access to nursing care. Patients in inpatient rehab typically receive medication, counseling, and group therapy services.

This treatment mode involves continuous addiction assessment and goal monitoring. Post inpatient rehab, a discharge plan is formulated, transitioning the patient to another treatment phase, like outpatient therapy.

Medical Detoxification
For those starting treatment for serious substance addiction, such as heroin, alcohol, or benzodiazepines, medical detoxification is often the initial step. This process involves close supervision by healthcare professionals who manage withdrawal symptoms, ensuring safety during the detoxification from drugs or alcohol.

During a medical detox program, medical staff may administer medication to reduce withdrawal discomfort as the body eliminates drugs or alcohol. For instance, individuals withdrawing from heroin might receive lofexidine to lessen withdrawal effects. Buprenorphine or methadone might also be used in this phase. It’s crucial to note that such medications are only administered under medical guidance.

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